The Magege Platoon are a team of Railway Inspectors from Keron, who aspire to become invaders. They are determined to prove themselves worthy of become invaders, usualy by attempting to take over a planet, in a very hostile manner.



The Magnet Keron

Magege is the leader of the Platoon. He is an unreliable slacker, with the ability to stick to anything metal. When serious enough, he uses his powers in skill that is comparable to the likes of Magneto, but usually limits himself to not having to move to reach his Space Beer Can.

His Symbol is a Magnet.



The Keronian Blimp

Magege's sister. She is a glutton with an appetite rivaling some species of whale, and is by far the largest Keronian in existance. She is almost spherical, save for her head and spindelly limbs. She loves her brother and boyfriend, and is usually the one to defend them from hostile alien lifeforms.

Her Symbol is a Chicken Drumstick.



Stop! Hammer Time!

Kusasa is a hard working Keronian from the south, who values sweat, tears and honest toil. He loves his hammer, calling it Wanda. He is super strong, and causes tremors when he slams he hammer into the ground. His hardhat is also indestructable, but it tightens his brain, and makes him less than intelligent.

His Symbol is a Spanner.




A Keronian from the future. He lost his Time Device on his first trip to the past and has been stuck rooming with Magege ever since. He is a self-proclaimed Bad Influence, and is a total pot-head, as well as sex-maniac. He remains Pagege's loyal boyfriend, despite his womanizer tendancies. He still has his Time Regulator, giving him a number of time-based powers, excepting actual time travel.

His Symbol is an Hourglass.



Stop! Wait! Time to Operate!

A Keronian with the power to blast energy beams from his eyes. He is very quit, but he tends to make blunt observations that turn out to be correct, and often picks up on things the others miss. His catchphrase is "No Class!"

His Symbol is a Lightbulb.



The Slime is Sublime!

A liquid keronian who was engineered gentically to be a lave lamp. Escaping this fate, he joined the Magege Platoon. He can float, and burn the things he touches. He doesn't have a brain which makes him incredably dim-witted, but everybody finds him sweet just the same.

His Symbol is a Puddle.